How many people know what bimatoprost is? No, it is not a new exotic food or a new disease but many women know it as Latisse – a drug used to treat hypotrichosis or deficient eyelashes. By using this drug “off label” one may be able to achieve a “chemical” blepharoplasty.

A dermatologist at New York University, Dr. Sarnoff published her experience with Latisse beyond it’s use for eyelashes. Dr. Sarnoff in conjunction with Dr. Gotkin, a Plastic Surgeon applied Latisse topically to the upper eyelids. It was a 0.03% opthalmic solution.

Dr. Sarnoff treated herself. She treated her upper eyelids daily for 3 months, then reduced it to 2-3 times weekly. She noticed less hooding in her upper eyelids and less fat bulging from her lower eyelids as well as lower lid Skin Tightening. It is promising but more controlled, double blind studies need to be conducted.

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