I guesss what is great about Plastic Surgery is there is no single way to achieve a final result.  When I read articles in the White Journal I read it with a discerning eye along with my collective 35+ years of experience and look to see what can I learn and take away.

In many cases I feel what the other doctor is doing maybe over kill or a simplier, easier, safer method maybe employed to achieve the end result.  In one article the doctor did this deep plane vertical lift on 43 patients to see if this procedure would enhance mid face volume in these patients.  They found that they were able to add about 2-3 cm. of volume to the mid face with this technique.
A quicker and safer technique would be to do some autologous fat frafting.  Why go into the tissue planes of the face and risk injury to the facial nerve branches when you can simply add some of the patients own fat –  not to mention it would take LESS operating room time saving money and hopefully less morbidity.

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