Silicone Implants remain very very popular. For sure one of my more common cosmetic procedures. But now women who have hard, painful implants have a new alternative. Before choices were exchange or removal. I just read a recent article out of Belgium where some plastic surgeons removed the women’s implants and did simultaneous fat grafting.

The volume of fat injected ranged from 300 to 600 cc’s per side. Implants normally are measured in cc’s. I have done autologous fat grafting to the breast to enhance an augmentation. It also is a great option for someone who wants a “more” natural breast, sort of like antibiotic free range chicken. Also when I do fat grafting to the breast or buttock area (Brazilian butt lift) it is important for the patient to understand my limitation is based on the availability of their fat stores.

This means suction your abdomen or flanks or hips and rather than throw the fat away you put into the patients breasts. This is a win-win. So now women with implants have a new option to exchange them.


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