Recently the FDA approved a new line of Implants called “Ideal Implants”. What is different is that these are saline not silicone. These new implants are different from traditional saline implants in that there are 2 lumens within 2 shells that are attached at the back patch of the implant. These implants were developed by Dr. Robert Homan, a board certified plastic surgeon. These supposedly are soft like silicone. He says this will help to eliminate concerns about silent rupture of silicone implants. When a saline implant ruptures or leaks it becomes readily apparent. With silicone implants they recommend an MRI every 2 years but most of my patients never get them and do fine. I do many implant exchanges and I am sure many women who have had silicone implants in for 20 years have implants contained in the capsule that have been ruptured for years. There does not seem to be any adverse effects from this.

Patients with Ideal Implants (502 study patients) had complication rates after 2 years of 42.2% for primary augmentation and 50.5% from revision. Saline rupture rates may be higher than silicone because “water” has no lubrication properties compared to silicone.

It gives women another option but I still prefer the feel of silicone but perhaps the Ideal Implant will feel more natural. The vast majority of women (90%) prefer silicone to saline. Another point will be the cost of the new Ideal Implant.


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