I recently returned from Colorado where the progressives in that state want to begin a petition drive to legalize marijuana in restaurants and bars. It seems we spent decades and billions on getting cigarettes banned now they want to allow smoking pot in these same bars and restaurant? Where is our country headed! The liberal media said it would help my grandmother with advanced Parkinsons or my young child with Tourettes but when asked for scientific or medical evidence, none was forthcoming. Their honesty and integrity was enough and so many of our nations young people will have greater access to its mind numbing effects.

A new research study from of all places Yale (a very conservative institution of higher learning – ha!) said they analyzed medical studies involving almost 6500 people and the Yale researchers found NO reliable evidence that marijuana could help treat this smorgasbord of medical conditions (depression, nausea/vomiting, anorexia, etc.) The drug MAY help alleviate some muscle spasms in multiple sclerosis (there are many drugs available for this now). What are the side effects of marijuana – vomiting, confusion, disorientation, depression and hallucination. The passage of these laws are based more on public opinion than scientific fact. Of course since it is legal – nothing wrong with a little weed before beginning my days work whether you’re a doctor, heavy equipment operator, bus driver, pilot – the list goes on. What a sad day in America.

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