It seems everytime I read the paper I hear/read more and more about “non-surgical facelifts”. No downtime – short time to perform – using only local anesthesia – minimal bruising. Is there such a creature? At the aesthetic meeting they had a panel of “experts” chiming in on how best to answer this. The first to offer an opinion was Dr. Barry DiBernardo. He said there is and it depends on how you define a face and it’s intended consequences.

 A facelift is intended to make a face look younger and address skin blemishes, wrinkles, loose skin, atrophy of soft tissue, muscle bands in the neck. Now if you do these surgically fine, but many can be done in a non-surgical way. But they both can do it to different degrees. The moderator Dr. Laurie Casas offered a different opinion.
 So at the end of the day, in MY opinion, it depends on what the patient wants – what does the patient perceive to be their problem(s). I see my purpose is to listen to the patient and then, with my 35 years of experience, decide on a treatment plan whether it is Surgical or Non-surgical or maybe a little of both.

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