There will soon be a new “non-invasive” way to remove fat from your body non-surgically.  When it rolls out is unknown but the $64,000 question is how effective will it be.  Some early reports are that it is more effective than it’s sister, Cool Sculpt.  The procedure takes about 25 minutes and “heats” up the fat to destroy it.  The treated area loses 24% of its fat cells.

The number of sessions depends on a patients desires and how well they respond the  first session.  The results may not be seen for several weeks following the session.  The fat cells are permanently destroyed but rest assured many remain behind that can cause you to gain weight.  One can have “multiple” areas treated at the same time.  Like many “non-invasive” procedures I think it is important to have realistic expectations and not let our imagination get the better of us.


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