The onslaught of new technology in cosmetic medicine just keeps coming.  Many of the machines cost in excess of $100,000 and promise new and exciting results only to fall short of anticipated expectations.  One that has not is MiraDry for excessive underarm sweating.  It is a home run – it delivers great results.  So a big part of what I need to do is to sift through all the “new” devices to see what may offer good results for my patients.  New technology will fuse 2 modalities together.  Micro needling with PRP is becoming more popular due to good success.  There are a couple of new devices that build on the concept of micro needling and combine it with radio frequency.  Two such devices are Profound and Infini.  I  always wonder where they get these names.

Jason Pozner, a plastic surgeon in Boca Raton predicts SculpSure will be a big hit and winner in 2016.  This device will melt fat with a laser and takes only 23 minutes and is done as an outpatient with NO sedation.  We plan to incorporate SculpSure into our practice some time in February!  Also popular and moving up the chart is vaginal rejuvenation with new laser technology.  One thing to keep in mind is that many of these “new devices” are long on promise and fall way  short of expectations.  They cost patients thousands of dollars but only deliver disappointment.  So again, buyer/consumer beware.


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