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What is a Composite Breast Augmentation?  It is placement of an implant – silicone or saline – with transplantation of the patients own fatty tissue.  I have done this now several times and it really does make a difference in that the result is more natural.  The added benefit is you get a little extra fat taken off another area.  Like a two for one!

I recently read an article from a Dr. Francisco Bravo in Madrid Spain who wrote about sternal fat placement.  One of the things women want in a breast aug is nice natural cleavage.  By adding fat to the space between the two Implants, this transition zone can be  made to be more natural.  I have done this several times and it is a nice adjustment to breast augmentation.


Should children have plastic surgery?

I recently read that a New York Plastic Surgeon would ask his younger patients (children & teens) to draw a picture of how they see themselves.

This self portrait may be revealing to a child’s self-image – a view into his or her world.

Many times young children will be brought into my Fort Myers Plastic Surgery practice for ear surgery, ie. their ears protrude too much. In these cases I will ask the parents to leave the room and ask the child how they feel about their ears.

In other words, am I doing the surgery for the child and their self esteem – their image or their parents? It is important to make this distinction. Many times a physical deformity can be damaging to a child’s self esteem.

I remember when I was in high school and had to wear glasses. Wow! What a shock – what an eye opener – no pun intended. I was now 4 eyes. Pretty devastating to one’s ego and self esteem.

A child becomes the brunt of jokes, ridicule or as we like to now call it now, a victim of bullying. In many cases surgery can go a long way to helping correct not only the physical problem but, more important, the child’s psyche or self esteem.

Plastic Surgery in Fort Myers

I practice in a state-of-the-art, sterile surgery facility in Fort Myers, Florida. It incorporates the most advanced Cosmetic Surgery technologies and the latest Plastic Surgery treatment therapies available. I tell patients, “My passion is to provide you with the very best in surgical and non-surgical results.” I also have an office in Cape Coral, if it is more convenient for you. And a new office in Punta Gorda.